Know before you go

For apple and pear-picking:
  • The skinny: We provide the bags and walking directions to whatever is ready at the time, you pick what you want, and then we weigh your harvest after you're done. We request that you do what you can to minimize knocking fruit off as we have limited uses for the drops (our cider is made from tree picked apples). A tip for children: tip the apple up and slightly twist-it comes off easier than pulling it down, and then place it in your bag as if it is an egg.

    •  The 2019 price is $2.25 per pound for most varieties. Premium and limited supply apples are $3.00. 
  • We are open rain or shine.
  • Pets are not allowed in the orchard per order of the health department.  If you bring your dog, we have a field where you can take a walk, but please do not let pets wait in closed vehicles on hot days. Better yet, leave Fido at home.
  • We do what we can to minimize hazards, but we are in the country, so come prepared for sun, insects, and possible poison ivy (sandals and flip flops not recommended)! Do a tick check after picking too.
  • Please call us to make an order ahead of time if you need large quantities of pies, donuts, etc. (860-868-2777).
  • At this time, we cannot offer fruit shipping, but you can send them yourself with the USPS flat rate boxes.
  • We count on parents to supervise their children. We work hard to provide you with the best fruit that can be grown. Please show your respect by not throwing apples, climbing trees, or leaving your trash behind.

  •  Our policy is to charge you for any and all apples you pick. Thank you.

See you soon!