What's in season?

Updated October 16, 2016
Sorry to say the pick-your-own season has come to an end. There are precious few left on the trees, so the only picking from now on will be for the windfalls, also known as "drops" for half price.  We will still be open daily with a dew varieties of picked apples and pears, cider, donuts, pumpkins, etc, so feel free to visit, shop, walk in the orchard, and enjoy the mild weather while it lasts!

The crop was very small this year, probably a combination of having a bumper crop last year, and the strange spring we had with very warm temperatures early on followed by a freeze, not to mention the cool and rainy weather during full bloom!  The message here is that each variety has come and gone 
very fast, and the price had to go up. Most apples are $2/lb., with those in shorter supply and higher demand a bit higher.

Days and times for the Farmer's Markets:
      New Milford town Green, 9-12 Saturdays.
      Southbury town Green Thursdays 3-6 
      Washington Depot, Saturdays 10-1