What's in season?

Updated October 15, 2019

For apples, we are picking   IdaRed, Melrose, Liberty, Golden and Red Delicious,  Ida Red, Rome, Baldwin, Melrose and Rhode Island Greenings. There are several other earlier varieties available already picked at the stand.  The price this season is $2.25/lb.  

 Honeycrisp apples are picked for the premium price of $3.00/lb. as well as organically grown (uncertified) WineCrisp and Sundance, also $3 /lb

We have plenty of our unpasteurized sweet cider!

We make our cider donuts everyday and add to those sweet circles on Fridays through the weekend when we bake pies made with our own apples, as well as apple turnovers and sometimes other goodies too. MMMMMMMM!

We sell hay from the barn-it's organic, but uncertified. Wonderful for your horses or other animals.
 Also, for gardens, rustic weddings, etc.    Call us for details at 860-868-2777.