What's in season?

Updated September 12,2018

McIntosh, Rhode Island Greening, Honeygold, Spartan, Empire, Cortland, Liberty, Macoun, Red Delicious, and Redcort apples are available for pick-your-own! (Also pre-picked).

Bartlett, Red Bartlett, and Seckel, and Spartlett Pears are in at the stand. Limited quantities of Asian Pears (Yoinashi) are available for pick-your-own or at the stand.

Other early apples are  available for purchase in the stand-they get picked at their peak and kept refrigerated for freshness.

Fresh cider and Hard Cider is available.  We have cider donuts everyday and apple pies made with our own apples and prepared for us by the amazing bakers at High Five Pies starting Friday afternoon, along with our apple walnut tea bread and turnovers.

We also sell hay from the barn-it's organic, but uncertified. Wonderful for your horses or other animals. Also, for gardens, rustic weddings, etc. Call us for details at 860-868-2777.