What's in season?

Updated September 17, 2021

For Pick-Your-Own

we have these delicious apples:

McIntosh, Macoun, Liberty, Spartan, Empire, Cortland.

Pick-your-own is also available for

Bartlett, Red Bartlett and Spartlett (similar to Bartlett, but larger)pears.

Those picked now are ripe or should only take a couple days at room temperature to ripen.

When you get pears, put some in the fridge if you don't want them all ripe at the same time.

If you wait to refrigerate them when dead ripe, they will not keep long.

Cider and donuts available everyday, with pies, croissants, turnovers available from Friday until sold out. You may call to reserve something if you wish. 860-868-2777 during open hours 9:30-5:30

In the Stand, we have the PYO pear varieties as well as Asian and Seckel pears.

Prepicked apples include: all of the ones mentioned above plus:

Crabapples, Paula Red, Zestar, Mollie's Delicious, Harcross (also known as Northern Lights). We also have some Honeycrisp prepicked and bagged, for a higher price. They are harder to grow than other varieties and are extremely popular, thus the premium.

Masks are in season! (Inside the stand and anytime you are closer to others than six feet)

Drone's eye view